Rosalind Bieber, Fine Artist London, Fine Art Painting & Drawing | In the Beginning and Thereafter, Adam and Eve by Rosalind Bieber


In the Beginning and Thereafter, a backwards glance at Adam and Eve, new mixed media painting and drawings by Rosalind Bieber.

References to time abound in Rosalind Bieber's chosen title for this, her latest exhibition. But in thinking about her work, the subject of time has still further relevance. She has the rare gift of being able to describe the timeless characteristics of human situtations by catching and portraying a single moment. She captures the essence of a scene with no need to labour it. Not that this means that little work is done; far from it. The creating of these pictures has often pitched the artist into a considerable struggle, over long periods of time, to find the resolution between her ideas, their consequent imagery and expression and the variety of mixed media that she is currently using.

She is, as well, a playful artist. Playful in her witty observation and depiction of her subject, ( a spontaneous chuckle is often the first response of the viewer), and playful too in her continual exploration of different techniques. She is always trying something new and her current liking for monoprint and collage is described in her own words below. Here she has taken Adam and Eve, the first couple, as her subject. What better as a means of depicting the thrills and spills of human interaction and the gentle iriony of their resistance to change.

Linsay Wells

My earliest artistic experience came about by chance. I have a memory of crawling, aged about eight, underneath a very heavy armchair and on unlocking a cupboard, finding a massive battered volume of the engravings of Gustave Doré. The mahesty and grandeur of these images, with solemn faces, robed peoople and angels wandering around Paradise and then others having a totally nightmarish existence in a place called Purgatory, all this made a huge impression on one whose horizons had so far hardly extended beyond the bland bourgeois streets of Southport, Lancs. Later important influences include Kathe Kolwitz, Rembrandt, Josef Herman, Frank Auerbach.

The series began with 'Stone Age Kiss'. Collage is a medium perfectly suited to change and 'Stone Age Kiss' emerged quickly. It set me thinkign about beginnings, which led onto the idea of Adam and Eve. It is a story that can be interpreted in many ways. For me it has come to represent the turning away from the simplicity of Paradise, though the first tentative explorations of adolescence and beyond, with the knowledge that fulfillment comes only with an acceptance that joy, love, happiness, exist side by side with sorrow, difference, uncertainty, paradox. The stuff of all our lives

Rosalind Bieber

Exhibition, 1st April to 6th April at Talisman Fine Art