Daniela Iorio(non-registered)
The fact I am a long-term friend of yours does not influence my true emotion and aesthetic appreciation of your art. From your inner humanity flow and come to form images of us all being in the middle of life as as many 'Mrs Brown' who appeared the first time thanks to Virginia Woolf's pen. You know how much of a fan of painting I am: all the more, and owing to that, I do underline the versatility you have developed in the field of materials: poetically and technically: something that gives you the sense and emotion of a true achievement, something that adds to the humanity and aesthetic expressiveness of your productions. So long, arrivederci Daniela
Kieren Beasley(non-registered)
These are distinctive. Some remind me of Rorschach ink blot tests, where the viewer is invited to project his perceptions onto the stimulus of an ambiguous image.
hi Ros! Excellent. Why not add the horse's head and your tube train interiors? m.
George Weissbort(non-registered)
A very well presented web site. We really have enjoyed it. It brings out your idiosyncratic delicious work, very well!!
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